Thursday, April 18, 2013

Self discovering with Filofax

I decided to start a new serioes called "Selfdiscovering with Filofax". It is all about... self discovering! 
Many people have watched it already and found it useful! I'm not going to reveal the content! You have to watch it!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Filofax with Franklin Covey inserts

If you don't know which inserts to get for your Filofax, here are the great inserts! I actually prefer them more than Filofax inserts. Franklin Covey has the whole system that has worked for me great whan I used it. And which is great, it could be used for a newbie, there is no additional "training" and learning invilved!
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The perfect notebook system!

I always struggled with notebooks! It always was too heavy or rings were too small, or there were no inserts available, or there weren't enough pages etc. I decided to make one myself finally and here is the result!
The perfect notebook is made  from A5 inserts with prepunched pages. And these pages are available anywere here! Another thing that I have to have for it - several rings. I use four currently.
I made the cover from a regular folder for A4 documents. And there are dividers available anywhere too!
I am totally happy!
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Filofax: My April 2013 set up

Here is an update of my set up from March 2013. I have changes several things, most of them came with stamps finding on a local market! I love my Love Diary stamp set!!!!
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Filofax:my much wanted pen loop and a washi tape

I wanted a pen loop ever since I had my Malden Filofax (well, for a month or so! :) I watched all videos available on youtube channel and researched this topic on the Internet, but all that ideas have seen didn't work for me. And I thought for a long time how to make one myself!
My washi tape idea was born accidentally when I realized that I have a masking tape,a nd that I could use it in my Filofax and pain it, and stamp it to my own liking!
Well, I'm not giving away the content of the video, so please enjoy watching it! And subscribe so you'll see all my updates!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Filofax March 2013 set up

Here is my most "liked" and "favorite" video ever! (Is it even a word?!)
I filmed my April 2013 setup, and I change it constantly, and make a new video every time! :)
I have the explanation of my whole set up from scratch, I got lazy the next month, and I thought why make another set up video from scratch if I already have one?
If you have any comments, please let me know on youtube or here, I'll explain or make another video as an answer!
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Filofax vs. Franklin Covey binders

I compare A Filofax and Franklin Covey binders. They have a lot in common. Both are black, both have biggest rings from their ranges, both have many pockets and credit cards slots. The biggest difference is the size of rings. Franklin Covey binders have generally bigger ring sizes than Filofax. The size of Franklin Covey  rings are 34 mm, and the size of Filofax rings are 30 mm. It might seems as not much, but it makes HUGE difference in reality!
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Filofax unboxing and my first impression

Here is one of my first videos, and I am stiff a little bit (a lot actually), but i got much better since!
I didn't like my Malden in the beginning, because it was so DARK and GROOMY. I even put it away for two days! I have picked it up, transferred all of my inserts from my Franklin Covey binder and voila!
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