Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm moving to

This issue with comments that couldn't be posted here is REALLY frustrating for me and I couldn't fix it.
If you can, Please HELP me!
I'm going to post on my new blog, so go there and subscribe! Thank you!

Monday, June 10, 2013

My week 23/52

I've been seek the whole week and still seek.
I changed to writing with black gel pen 0.5 mm and enjoy it a lot. I also have a pocket size notebook and write there my to do's and notes and enjoy it also. I take out the current week on two pages out of my Filofax and this notebook and go out without the Filofax itself. And don't have the weight of it! I'm happy!
I also added wider day on a page sheets that I hacked out of another planner and write there my diary - my thoughts, weather, anything that concerns me etc. It is very helpful to calm down my mind this way.
I have bought on Wednesday a lot of scrapbooking supplies and enjoy it. I probably going to make a video on it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

my week {22/52]♡ golden theme

I  began to decorate my pages! I totally blame this on you, philofaxy community! :) I love it! I have already decorated the next week, and want to decorate every page in my filofax now!
I have not used my filofax this week, I used a pocket size notebook.  I liked it because of the size, but I couldn't move my pages around! It's not a filofax! As I have written on my previous blog post, I have a replica of a pocker filofax,  but I was too lazy to punch  pages for it, and used this fat notebook.  I have cut the page with this week out of it and have glued it on the right side. I'm not going to rewrite everything on it again!
Check my instagram and flickr account, as well as YouTube to watch my videos on my filofax!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Week 21/52

I moved back to FF! Couldn't stand the weight of Franklin Covey binder! Moreover, I plan to go a size down, and move to a pocket size! I don't have a pocket FF yet, I have a replica of it, I plan to use it until I buy a pocjket FF. I'm still deceiding which one to use, but you know which one is my vaf, right? :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

week {20/52}★

This week I have changed to writing with a pencil completely.  It proved to be the right decision. I like that I could transfer my to dos or appointments to anither day or to another place
 What do I mean by a different place? I use GTD context lists and I write them underneath the columns with hours. Here I write things that I have not scheduled the day or the hour yet, my to do's for hime, things to buy, places to go, and my spendings. Initially there are signs "tasks" written there, I wanted to white them out, but then figured out that I could just write before them without having to take out the whitening pen. (Yes, i'm just lazy! :)
     I have also added to do pages in front of the week -you can't see them here, of course.
     You coukd see also the paper flag sticked on Monday up. This means that I have accomplished/done this to do. I started to use paper flags and found them very useful. I can put them anywhere and relocate them to any page and place. The only inconvenient thing is that they are too big to be placed horizontally on vertical week on two pages. This could be solved by cutting them or folding them- again, I don't want to bother. :)