Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY notebook-planner or how to get an Arc by Staples notebook system?

Ok, you know that I love organizing and organizational tools. A notebook is  one of organizational tools for me. My  notebook is a DIY notebook-planner. I love it. I got the idea from here and here.
When I lived in NY, I bought a Franklyn Covey system. It is a great system if you agree to cary a heavy notebook with metal rings. I used it for a while, reduced the amount of pages that I carried, and since I went everywhere by foot and had to carry my whole life around (hello, it's NY!), and finally dropped it.
Then I had baby and thought that I don't need a planner.  I was wrong! I suddenly started to forget important things when there were A LOT of things to do. Pinterest had all this wonderful ideas of DIY binders, but after trying I realized that this is not for me. I could design and print my own tabs, but those metal rings are still too heavy!
 I use a simple spiral-bound  THICK notebook as my planner. I draw my own tabs and have a year calendar sticked there. I use a sticky tab dividers to label current month, week, to-do list and  other lists. I'm happy! I'm free from limitations of only ONE planner system, I have plenty of room for my notes and ideas (and I like to write A LOT of them which requires a lot of space), I can customize everything, and it cost me $ 2 or 3 only!!!
But you know me. I'm a perfectionist! I want to switch those pages around! I research disk-bound systems, as Levenger Circa and Arc by Staples. (Comparison is here). The difference is in price only. Arc is cheaper. I wanted to order Arc online, then I found out that Staples US don't ship to other countries. It's foreign stores (UK) don't have a hole puncher!AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Levenger doesn't ship internationally also, so there is no alternative! AHH!!!!!!!!
What a girl to do?
What kind of planner do you use? Does it work for you? 

Update: Staples UK store answered me that an Arc hole puncher will be available at Oct-Nov only. So, I'll wait!

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theperfectnose said...

I use iCal on my Macbook synced with Google calender. I'm usually near my laptop so it works for me.