Tuesday, May 7, 2013

week {18/52} ☆

Here is my week 18 of 2013. I have switched to a week on two pages inserts that I downloaded from Philofaxy blog.
 I wanted this layout for a really long time, but thought that the columns will be too narrow and I won't have the space to write my to's. I thought this layout work only for an A5 size, but gladly, I was wrong!
If you want to try it, just try it! No guessing needed!
There is enough space for appointments and to do's on the bottom of each day. I could use these "Tasks" columns on the bottom for:

1. tasks that I need to do on each given day or
2. for tasks that I need to do for the entire week, divided into context, as "to buy", "to go", "ideas", "to research" etc.

This depends on how much I need to do.

I also tried to write on the very top on the page, where 6 am is supposed to be, three most important things to do for the day. Sometimes it didn't work because since I have started to write them, I needed to write EVERYTHING without thinking at the same time about what is the most important of the day. So,  I switched to writing  them on the bottom. Then to plan my day hour by hour, I needed to write at which time what I'm going to do!
This makes me writing everything  twice, on the bottom,  and on the hours of the day! Waisted space and time! I need to do something about that!

I'm going to submit this post to Amgela from http://www.paperlovestory.com/ to participate in the week round up.

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